Our team is passionate about sensors and citizen science. Please get in touch with us via our contact form. If you have a specific request we will forward it to the right expert in the team.

Core team


Co-founder / Backend

Coding wizard and creator of our data visualisation platform.


Co-founder / Outreach

Lover of outreach events, social media, and grant proposals.


Co-founder / Hardware

The good soul, PCB designer, true citizen-scientist, and secret CEO in the team.


Co-founder / Data

A core contributer to all aspects of open-seneca - hardware, software, and data.


Co-founder / Design

The creative brain behind our outreach materials, and hands-on workshops.


Co-founder / Hardware

Hardware minded and problem solver, and key maintainer of our Github.

Our advisors

Matias Acosta

Head of Exploration at UNDP

Lara Allen

CEO of the Centre for Global Equality