The CamBike Sensor was an open-source bike-mountable device that could measure air quality, bike traffic, and road surface quality experienced by individual cyclists. It included a particulate matter sensor (SDS011), an accelerometer, GPS and SD card for data logging. All sensors were integrated on a custom printed circuit board following a plug-and-play approach for easy assembly. Watch here for a quick 1-minute introduction to the CamBike Sensor project.

CamBike Sensor

For the project in Argentina, a new custom board was designed to include wireless transmission through 2G network, a temperature and humidity sensor and different GPS and particulate matter sensors, donated by U-blox and Sensirion, respectively. A junction box was adapted and used for casing to provide more robustness.

Argentina Sensor

In Kenya, two prototypes were developed: a low-cost one based on local components, and a device sponsored by Alphasense and South Coast science. Both were adapated to be mounted on a variety of transport modes, including bikes, motorbikes, buses, and cars. a) Alphasense: The device is based on raspberry pi and includes alphasense particulate matter and gas sensors (CO2, NOx, CO/S2H). The geo-tagged data is sent via 2G network with a SIM card module. The case is adapted from a commercial juntion box. b) Local design: The design is very similar to the model developed for Argentina, switching some components to locally available ones and using a laser-cut wooden case.

Kenya Sensor